Volume 45 No. 2 – Special Issue


The historical configurations of socio-economic, cultural, constitutional and other institutional choices of nation-states have been a source of, and outcome of, power struggles. While every post-independence election in the country posed distinct possibilities for electoral violence given the failings of national integration, the March 2, 2020 elections proved to be one of the most contentious, and was not resolved until August 2, 2020, some five months later. It is important to chronicle events in the history of the region and the 2020 election because its contested nature represents one of those events worthy of recording and analysing. This special issue of the Journal of Eastern Caribbean Studies (JECS) assesses from a political, legal and sociological perspective the 2020 Guyanese elections.

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have had to re-imagine the worksphere and the production of our flagship JECS. The solution takes advantage of the journal to an open access one. Volume 45 of the JECS marks the commencement of what shall be a bi-annual publication, appearing in June and December.

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In this issue: Kristina Hinds, Annita Montoute, Sandra Ochieng’-Springer, Jason Francis, Louise Alison Armstrong, Kristina Hinds, Chevy R. J. Eugene, Annita Montoute, Shamelia Thomas, Prahalad Sooknanan and Amilcar Sanatan
In this issue: Halimah A. F. DeShong, Latoya Lazarus, Kendra-Ann Pitt, Gabrielle Hosein, Corin Bailey, Julian Cresser, Charlene Coore-Desai , Charmaine Crawford, Philmore Alleyne, Cheryl Cadogan-McClean , Jacqueline Stephenson, Paul Balwant, Patrick McConney, Vernel Nicholls and Bertha Simmons
In this issue: Mahalia Jackman, Jade Kirton and Winston Moore, Riann Singh, Narendra Ramgulam, Roxanne Lewis, Shalini Ramdeo, Delroy Chevers, Damian Cunningham, Rory Frankson, Keisha Samuels, Sonya Stevens, Imran Williams, Roger Hosein, Owen S. Arthur, Janai Leonce, Raijeanne Preville, Jodie Keane, Hilary Enos-Edu, R. Clive Landis, Jeremy Collymore and Joy St. John
In this issue: Halimah A.F. DeShong, Charmaine Crawford, Eudine Barriteau, Tracy Robinson, Nikoli Attai, Shakira Maxwell
In this issue: Héléne Zamor, Riann Singh, Jairzinho Rigsby, Narendra Ramgulam, Delroy A. Chevers, Andrew J. Spencer, Duane Edwards, Michelle Salandy, Lester Henry, Alister McIntyre, Leroy Binns