“Rethinking Caribbean Futures: New Paradigms, Possibilities and Policies”

May 7 – 10, 2019


We live in times of crisis. New kinds of ‘development’ are emerging across the Global South in response to economic globalization and austerity; to increasingly visible environment and climate change; rising inequality; and to shifting international hierarchical power relations. This is leading in part to the re-emergence and popularity of strong nationalism in various parts of the world. From the vantage point of traditional international development institutions, Caribbean countries in particular are understood to be blighted by the budgetary misconduct of their governments – reflected in high debt commitments and expanding fiscal deficits, an implementation deficit disorder, and increasing crime and lawlessness. The net result has been “a growth sclerosis” extending well into the second decade of the 21st century. But the very idea of ‘development’ itself as an expression of decolonial efforts against a neoliberal cosmovision remains contested. There have been appeals for inclusion in global governance bodies for the shaping of global rules, norms, standards and regulations; appeals for small island state recognition; and for reparations.

The 20th Annual SALISES Conference invites participants to discuss, explore or reflect upon these appeals as well as the tensions, contradictions and conflicts lurking behind official state discourses about growth, development and investment – economic, social and political. These are power conflicts heating up among ministers, between ministers and public servants, among
scholars, policy practitioners, activists as well as among and between social movements as we approach the 2020s.

Our call then is for papers that point toward a multitude of possibilities for the Caribbean in the shaping of: a new social charter of human rights and freedoms, in enterprise development and models of entrepreneurship, in tackling rising crime, youth unemployment, and inclusionary governance, in re-purposing Caribbean integration, its foreign relations, trade and investment policy, and in reconstituting the role of the State and civil society in shaping developmental futures.

In this regard we welcome contributions from a wide variety of disciplinary and multidisciplinary persuasions. The goal is to facilitate engagement and exchange among media professionals, academics, policy professionals, civil society groups and students geared towards re-imagining Caribbean development futures.

Critically the upcoming 20th Annual SALISES Conference extends the effort to challenge the social and institutional power that sustains current models and ways of thinking. In this regard we intend to publish a book-length anthology (Pathways to Sustainable Caribbean Futures) featuring papers of the recent past SALISES Conferences and the 2019 Conference as a contribution to knowledge and contemporary policy.

The dates of the Conference are May 7-10, 2019 and further information will be made available on our website:

We invite papers exploring the following topics and others related:

  1. Brexit Repercussions for the Caribbean: The Scope for Strategic Repositioning
  2. Authenticity and Cultural Production in the fashioning of Cultural Industries
  3. New Expressions of Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Critical
  4. Climate Change and Sustainable Livelihoods
  5. Is the Caribbean Bankable? Challenges in Caribbean International Business and
  6. Finance-Led Growth and Challenges
  7. Regional Trade and Caribbean Trade Negotiations circa 2025
  8. Gender, Sexualities and Justice in the Caribbean
  9. Religion and Justice
  10. Labour Unions and Labour Markets: Tensions and Trends
  11. Caribbean International Relations: USA, Britain, China and the global South
  12. Small Island States, Tourism and Sustainability
  13. Small State Bargains in the International Political Economy
  14. Race, Class and Gender into the 2020s – Effecting Social Change
  15. Governance, Ethics and the Public Interest
  16. Sovereignty Re-Imagined
  17. Crime, Violent Crime and the Prison System
  18. ICT Challenges and Opportunities


Full Abstracts, not exceeding 200 words, should be submitted, electronically, in Times New Roman Font, 12 point, in MS Word (2007/2010) by December 14th, 2018, to; and copied to

The deadline for submission of full Papers is February 15th, 2019. Papers should be submitted electronically in WORD and in PDF format.

For further information on the 2019 SALISES 20th Annual Conference, visit our website: or visit us on Facebook: Sir Arthur Lewis Institute Cave Hill Campus.